IT Account Manager- Edmonton, AB

Strategy Team

Close Date
28 Feb 2020

The Account Manager will work directly with the client team and CompuVision technical teams to ensure the smooth and successful delivery of technical services – service desk, project work, proactive maintenance, procurement, training, and ongoing support. The Account Manager will also handle customer day-to-day requests such as escalations, customer calls and meetings, invoicing questions, research, and document preparation.

Culture is an integral part of working at CompuVision. Our company DNA represent the most important values, the ones we live by:

Be Curious
Driven by curiosity, we seek to listen, to learn, and to understand, preparing ourselves now and for the future

Go Beyond
We are dedicated to delivering exceptional workmanship and results in order to earn the trust of our clients and peers

Serve as One
Individually impressive, collectively outstanding, together we serve our clients with honesty, energy, humility and respect

Our Noble Promise - “The Relentless Pursuit for the Success of Others” - Is the driving force behind our values and the reason we do what we do. Achieving success for those around us, we will subsequently achieve success.

The “CompuVision Way” is our set of people, process and technology, that produce a predictable result for our customers. You must be aware of, and maintain this standard, understanding that it is a living guide; Always updating and always changing based on influence from our team and the needs of our clients.

The Strategy team is accountable for ensuring their customers fully experience “The CompuVision Way”.  Leveraging our standard technologies and process, coupled with our people and corporate structure, we deliver a unique end result for our customers.  Your clients will experience increased employee productivity, predictability in capital and operating expenditures, reduced downtime and risk, improved employee morale, reduced lost revenue and enhanced business agility.

As a primary customer point of contact, the Account Manager will analyze and consult with their customers and internal CompuVision team members on a regular basis.  The Account Manager will strive to identify opportunities for solving business problems via standards alignment, expectation setting, and implementation.  Along with the Strategic Advisor, the Strategy team will bring excellence to their customer base, resulting in high customer satisfaction.  

In order to deliver an exceptional result, you will need to stay abreast across service delivery, technology upgrade cycles, and project schedules as well as current and future customer needs.  We are a data driven company and analysis for decision making and overall strategy is ongoing.  


  • Understand and follow “The CompuVision Way”.  This is our set of people, process and technology that produces a predictable end result for the customer.  You must be aware of and maintain our standards, understanding that it is a living guide. Always updating and always changing based on the influence from our team. 
  • Conduct regular delivery-management meetings with the client, covering client satisfaction, issue trending, ongoing/upcoming projects, system performance, change management, and potential technical improvements.
  • Help clients achieve technology objectives and meet required standards by obtaining the correct technical solutions.
  • Advocate for the customer in day-to-day operations, including support services, proactive maintenance, and procurement.  Oversee configuration change management processes for the client. Act as the initial point of escalation for any service issues.
  • Take ownership of major incidents, ensuring coordination of resolving parties, effective communication to stakeholders, and post incident reviews. Liaise with internal and external resources to provide detailed analysis of the operations and opportunities for improvement to meet SLA's and internal efficiencies.
  • Understand the schedule, scope, and budget for project implementations. Assist with coordination of client and CompuVision project team members.  Identify potential project risks, working with other departments to identify and prioritize risk mitigation strategies.
  • Work with the Strategic Advisor (SA) to ensure accurate and timely submission and payment of invoices
  • Assisting the SA with QBR follow-ups and other administrative take-away items.
  • Researching and proposing solutions to fill customer needs.
  • Understanding your clients planning and budgeting cycles.  
  • Maintain a deep knowledge of technology products and services applicable to the client base, including hardware, software and CompuVision services.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Build relationships with clients and team members and serve as a trusted point of contact.
  • Providing timely responses and guidance to client requests.
  • Maintain accurate and up to date documentation.
  • Maintain accurate and real time up to date timesheets.
  • Attend training & team meetings as required.
  • Assist with the development and evolution of the Account Manager role.

Education Requirements, Skills, and Knowledge

  • Relationship Building: Must demonstrate the ability to build and manage relationships with clients (internal and external) through consistent and proactive communications.  This is most effective by acting responsive and being reliable to client needs.
  • Collaboration: The Account Manager will need to network throughout the organization to pull in the appropriate resources to address the customer’s needs throughout their lifecycle.
  • Consultative Selling: The Account Manager must demonstrate the ability to successfully sell and validate revenue opportunities with an “IT solutions” approach to selling.  Through defining IT requirements, the Account Manager will show value by recommending additional CompuVision IT products and services.
  • Business Analysis:  An Account Manager must be able to identify and assess a client’s business goals, needs and perceptions. By performing analysis on that information and working with various teams within CompuVision, this information is transformed in to winning solutions for the client.
  • Data Analysis:  The Account Manager must have the necessary experience and knowledge in order to assess the internal performance metrics of their client base. These metrics will include analysis of Key Performance Indicators that define client use, like costs, risks and profit. The ability to assess a client’s use of CompuVision services is also key in identifying long running issues or trends. 
  • 3 years relevant technical experience is required.
  • Experience meeting with customers in person is required.
  • Knowledge of ITIL standards is a benefit.
  • Strong organizational, time management, presentation and customer service skills.

*Due to the high volume of applicants, only those candidates that meet the qualifications will be contacted.*

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